PRIVACY POLICY adhere to respect each individual user’s privacy. Following document outlines means in which we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information. You may request clarification or question regarding our privacy policy at [email protected]


We may collect non-personal information, such as data that does not allow direct association with any specific individual. Non-personal data is collected, used, transferred, and disclosed for a number of purposes. These purposes include the use of cookies and other technologies that give us a better understanding of our users' needs. A "cookie" is a small data file that is stored on your device. Most Internet browsers automatically accept cookies. We use information collected from cookies to improve users' experience and the overall quality of our services. Definition of personal data can be found at


Our service does not prompt you to enter personal data. However there are two instance which someone may see your personal data which you have entered in to our site. 1. Contact us through Email or post on out Feedback forum using your name or email. Feedback posts can be seen by any viewer. When you use our email support services, we collect your correspondence in order to build up a public knowledge base, add new features, and deliver you newsletters and new product information. 2. We use private image upload service provided by thus the extent to which we can provide privacy bounded by imgur’s privacy protection. Important point to note is your images will not be displayed on imgur public catalog. Only means to access to your saved images is to enter exact URL of the image on address bar.


You may configure your browser to block cookies, including cookies associated with our services. However, many of our services may not function correctly with cookies disabled. You can also control which social websites you upload images to.


ResizePictures does not store your Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr passwords. Your account information is not disclosed to ResizePictures and you are free to cancel any of your social networking website connections with ResizePictures at any time.


We regularly review our own compliance with our Privacy Policy. If you submit a formal written complaint, we will contact you and try our best to resolve the issue.

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