How to beautify pictures online?

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  • 1/23/2019 2:15:20 PM
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How to beautify pictures online?

In order to meet the different processing needs of users for pictures, the online picture modification tool integrates a variety of picture beautification types. It not only provides conventional photo processing and management functions to facilitate you to collect, organize and polish your photos, but also has many unique functions. The new online PS will make your pictures entertain by going up one flight of stairs.

Step 1: Upload your target picture from local, as shown in the following figure, you can see that the picture is already in the picture editing box.


Step 2: Click on each image processing tool in the navigation bar in the red box in the following figure at will to realize all kinds of beautification processing for the image, one second operation, and quickly present the unique image texture.

Step 3: Click Save and Download directly to view the beautified pictures locally.

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