How to modify the size of the picture?

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  • 1/23/2019 11:34:38 AM
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How to modify the size of the picture?

A simple and fast online drawing repair tool that meets your needs in one second.

The online image modification tool is a simple and practical online processing tool. It has various image effects commonly used in online image editors, such as image zooming, image size clipping, image rotation, image border addition, image alteration, online image processing, online image editing, online image reduction, image word addition, and photo frame addition.

Since the online image modification tool was launched, with its simple user interface and convenient and quick use experience, more and more users have chosen to use it, providing users with more, more professional and more convenient services.

How to modify the size of the picture?

Step 1: Select to upload or drag the target photo and set the required size or pixel;

Step 2: Upload the target picture to the online photo editor, which can rotate, enlarge, reduce and customize the size of the target picture.

Step 3: Click and download directly to save the processed image size.

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